March 2012

Here’s a video of The Malarkeys performing an original song called Walk Out to the Edge.

Here’s a video playing the Gibson J45 through a BOSS GE-7 pedal into a Bose line array system. We played a 35-minute set in the atrium ahead of the Steven Page concert (which was excellent, by the way).

I don’t know if this will help you play guitar better, but in a way maybe it will. I’ve been inspired by Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why. It makes sense to me.

I am very much at a point in my life where I want to simplify things. I have a long history of embracing new technologies; sometimes slowly and reluctantly, and sometimes I’m in the ‘early adopter’ crowd. Lately though, it just seems to me that along with all the cool things that a technology can bring (Twitter can be useful) there is also more noise. We are turning up the noise all the time. Sure there are lots of ideas and products and services and bright shiny things, but ultimately what is it all for? Or maybe I can ask, WHY is it all for?

Is it right to be all excited about the next iPad when our local food bank is still needed (and in fact is growing yearly)? Okay, a new iPad might be exciting news, but it’s a question of perspective. I get excited by new guitars from Fender and Gibson, because I love guitars. But I really don’t believe that whoever dies with the most toys wins. It ain’t so. It’s about being here now, being awake. And I think starting with why is part of that process of staying in the moment, of being awake to life.

Anyway, Nico Boesten has put up an excellent post that includes an 18-minute video I recommend anyone watch, along with a transcript of the talk that Simon Sinek gave at TEDx explaining the idea behind Start With Why. Do check it out.