February 2011

Mrs. Electricbard found some old pictures today. Was I really that young once? From left to right, Linda McRae, Rick, me, Gail.

Linda, Rick, me and Gail in Vancouver, early 80s

Coming up on March 5, join us at the Bike Shop Cafe on Ellis Street. We’re on at 7PM until 9. Good food, mellow vibe. It will be fun! You could order something like this:

linguini at The Bike Shop Cafe

When we were there, enjoying the pasta, we listened to some great instrumental guitar music by Almost a Few, and shot a bit of footage on my iPhone, which you can watch on The Malarkeys YouTube channel.

I’ll be bringing along the Gibson J-45, but not the Tele on March 5. We hope to see a few friendly faces there!

Gibson J-45 at work

Our band, The Malarkeys, have just posted a brand new song onto the band’s web site. The song is called Right as Rain.

The acoustic guitar tracks were laid down using the Gibson J-45, and all the electric guitar tracks feature the Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster, making its recording debut at our studio. The mandolin on the track is my 1917 Gibson A-4. The electric guitar was plugged straight into a little Mackie mixer and patched through a Beringer compressor, and then I used Logic Express 9’s Amp Designer to craft the guitar sounds. The amp models are a lot of fun to play around with, and I think I got some really good sounds on this track. I hope you agree - let me know if you do or if you do not!

Squier Tele headstock, rear

Last Saturday night we played a wedding at the Summerhill Pyramid Winery. We had a lot of fun. I brought along my Gibson J-45, the Fender 12-string, and my Robert Cray model Fender Stratocaster. As the evening progressed we brought more rock to the set, including songs like What I Like About You, as well as a couple of blues tunes - Tore Down by Freddie King and Mercury Blues.

We had a request for Led Zeppelin. This is not the first time we’ve played a wedding where someone requests Zeppelin, and we’re a Celtic-influenced band, you know? But no fear, we had an answer. If you’ve never heard our version of Drunken Sailor, well, you’ve never experienced a full-on Malarkeys Celtic mash-up. Yes, our version of Drunken Sailor eventually winds its way into the guitar solo from Stairway to Heaven, with the Strat on full shred. The Squier Tele just wouldn’t have cut it yet, it’s still being broken in. The Strat was totally up to the challenge after 5 years of regular playing. As usual, the Hughes and Kettner Statesman Dual 6L6 kept all the guitars pumping.

Our next show is a public one, March 5, at the Bike Cafe on Ellis in Kelowna. Don’t miss it!