March 2011

Elvis Costello

Hey, thanks to everyone who came out to the Bike Shop Cafe last night. The place was busy, and we had fun introducing our Malark-O-Meter Set Generator. We had heard that Elvis Costello is on tour with a big wheel of songs, and he gets audience members up to give it a spin and determine what song he should play next. Well, we can’t afford a hi-falutin’ wheel, so instead we printed the names of ten songs on sheets of paper and distributed them on the tables. Part way through the sets we asked people for suggestions. It was a fun night, catch us there next time if you missed us last night!

Tonight at the Bike Shop Cafe, I’ll be trying out medium gauge strings on the J45. I know, stop the presses, right? I’ve been using mostly D’addario light phosphor bronze on it since I got it last year, but last night I put on a set of mediums, so we’ll see if I’ve got what it takes to play ‘em. So far they’re sounding great. It’s been really dry here in Kelowna, despite the snow, and the guitar needs a little more humidity to get into its comfort zone. All that dry indoor air doesn’t do my throat a favour, either, so the guitar and I will both try and get prepped for tonight’s show. Humidifiers are on, glass of water on deck, etc..

March 17, we’re at Whiski Jack’s in West Kelowna.

Right As Rain video

Here’s a new video we shot last weekend for the song “Right as Rain”.

The Bardster

Hey, there’s a new jam in town. Wednesday night, 8PM, at Duffers. Yeah, the golf course bar. It’s hosted by Charlie and the Mad Dogs. The Malarkey’s drummer, Jay Dallamore, is their usual drummer, so I went down last night to check it out. I brought the Tele. I got up with Jay and Mad Dog Dieter on bass, and we rocked some Freddie King (Tore Down), an original tune called “Baby, Won’t You”, and then that good old standby, Brown Eyed Girl. The audience was very receptive.

I was playing through a Mesa Boogie - nice! I was a little hoarse after just those 3 songs, ’cause I gave it everything I had. I ran into Ashley Perry there, and she’s still rockin’ the roller derby thing. Check out the SS Rodeo site for details on the next match, March 12 in Penticton.