April 2011

This Sunday morning we’re at the Mission Creek Park to play for the Hike for Hospice. I think I’ll be bringing along my Gibson J-45, Fender F55-12, and maybe the Squier for good measure, although I may not get to use it. We start at 10AM (8:30 set up time, yikes!)

I bought a BOSS GE-7 on eBay this weekend from someone in Florida. I doubt it will arrive in time for the gig, but you never know. Flatpicker extraordinaire Steve Alexander at Roland Canada suggested it to me as potentially good little pedal with the acoustic guitars to reduce feedback and help me tame some of the brittleness that can sometimes go with an amplified acoustic. After looking at reviews and demos online, it seems like many of the acoustic guitar preamps have features like EQ, a notch filter for feedback, maybe a tuner, sometimes an effect like reverb, and maybe an XLR out. I already have a tuner on my little BOSS BCB-3 pedalboard, so that’s why the GE-7 might actually help for those rare occasions when I plug directly into the board. We’ll see. The only thing I won’t have with that is some sort of mic simulation, but the demos I heard online weren’t all that convincing anyway. I’ll post something about the GE-7 in my little rig once I’ve had a chance to try it out.

Two gigs this week, tomorrow night at the Summerhill Pyramid Winery and Saturday night at The Hooded Merganser in Penticton. The Gibson J-45 will handle everything tomorrow and mostly everything on Saturday. Can’t wait!

The mighty J-45 in action

Friday night I caught the Hot Tamales at the Pheasant and Quail. Here they are doing an original song. The guitarist is Tim Ford, playing a Line 6 guitar.