Get your hillbilly on.

Here’s an old school Motown style R’n'B number called Before We Say Hello. Written by me and David Cavan Fraser.

I caught this great set by Donald Ray Johnson at Wine-ohs. Great stuff, guys!

Sunday evening at Calgary airport

I’m back from Breakout West, and there’s so much follow up work to do, it’s great! It was so good to meet Music Supervisors Connie Farr, Michael Perlmutter, Natasha Duprey, Richard Glasser, Andrea von Foerster, Samuel Diaz and AminĂ© Ramer. Thank you all for your time and participation.

The keynote interview with Michael Chugge was great, but I didn’t get a chance to check out the rest of the National Music Centre - next time, Calgary.

Wine-ohs, where I saw Chris Gheran and then Donald Ray Johnson perform.

I’ll be there! Looking forward to meeting lots of people at Breakout West in Calgary, especially music supervisors. I’ll be armed with business cards, meta data-rich CD’s with clear contact info on the labels and a focus on finding out how I can be of service to make it easy for you to find and license some great music!

Astronaut Chris Hadfield talks about playing guitar in space.

One of the best things about busking is seeing people smile, especially kids who start dancing or just look at what you’re doing and break out into a big grin. It’s fantastic to be able to share music and create a moment where we are all in the present moment and enjoying the same vibe.

I saw Michael Hedges in 1993 at Bumbershoot. I had taken the day off work to drive down to Seattle with my wife and our friends Stu and Teri to attend Bumbershoot and in particular to see Michael Hedges perform. He was nothing like I expected. Based on the cassette album I had of his called Taproot, I expected he would come out on stage probably wearing some sort of African pill box hat, sit on a stool and not look up for the whole concert. How wrong I was. He came out wearing bright red Everlast boxing shorts and a bowler hat. He had some wireless transmitter taped to the hat. He started playing a song and at first I didn’t recognize it, but when I did - woah! He opened with Madonna’s “Lucky Star”. And so it went, full of surprises. But in that one set, he completely changed how I could approach playing the acoustic guitar, and it had a lasting impact on my ideas for arranging songs in unexpected ways.

Mrs. Electricbard came across this article from Gregg Braden that also expresses the impact that Michael Hedges had on him. If you aren’t familiar with Michael Hedges, do check him out. Read Gregg’s article now.

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